Vickie Winans Showcases Her Personal Jewelry Line


Gospel recording artist and comedian, Vickie Winans has to be one of the hardest working woman in gospel music. Keeping up with her busy touring schedule Ms. Winans still has time to design a personal line of jewelry products.

She shared on Instagram oodles of jewels she useed for her unique line of creations called, “Vickie Winans Jewelry Creations.”

“I’m so into making jewelry! The Lord have blessed my jewelry line! It is bonkers up in here! I now have designed 91 original ‘Vickie Winans Jewelry Creations!’” she told her followers excitedly.

Back in 2008, the enterprising fashionista made headlines for her Lathrup Village boutique, “Accents by Vickie Winans” in Southfield, MI. And now in 2013 she is focusing on customizing pieces with her special glamorous touch.

“This is an ‘out of control’ blessing and I want to thank every one of you that’s wearing one of my pieces! My earrings, my necklaces, or my bracelets!”

With no degree, just the sacrifice of hard work and the willingness to invest what it takes to get a vision off the ground, Winans continues to find new outlets for her businesses, ministry and creativity. “You can do it too! Just give it a try!” – VW

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