Wendy Williams Grills Deitrick Haddon About Hooking Up With Second Wife


Woo-wee! Concluding the first season of “Preachers of L.A.” cast members stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and you know what they say, Ms. Williams plays no games.

The preachers sat in the hot seat for a Q&A that got particularly tense for Deitrick Haddon. The 40-year-old chart-topping gospel recording artist was forced to spill the beans of how and when he met his second wife, Dominique Haddon.

“Now, Deitrick is married, but his wife got pregnant during the time that he was divorcing his ex-wife,” Williams told the live studio audience before hitting him with a litany of tough questions about his relationship.

Haddon responded, “I actually went through a hard time where I really just left church, left preaching, singing gospel music and I was just in a space where I didn’t want to do it anymore… I met my beautiful wife and she was like my angel.”

His explanation seemed not to move Williams as she interjected, “Yeah, but you met her out in LA where you were married and set up [in a] home with your ex-wife [who] was some place other than LA.”

“Absolutely,” Haddon agreed.

Williams continued, “So you all filed for separation with the intent on getting a divorce—”

Interrupting her, Haddon clarified, “No, we were divorcing.”

“Oh, you were already divorced?” Williams asked, confused.

“No, [in the] divorce process,” he said.

“You were in the process of divorce. That’s what I mean. You were still married,” Williams plainly laid it out on the table.

“Yes,” Haddon reluctantly admitted the truth, while squirming, shrugging and looking uncomfortable.

“Sir, you were still married,” Williams stated refusing to let him off the hook, but then threw the cornered minister a bone.

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