Bishop Noel Jones Will Deliver The Eulogy For Archbishop Veron Ashe


The body of Christ has lost another brilliant mind. We mourn the passing of Archbishop Veron Ashe who left behind an incredible ministry and message in the earth.

The memorial service for Archbishop Veron Ashe will be held:

Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 7 p.m. 

Covenant Worship Center

2622 San Pedro Ave. Berkeley, CA

Bishop Noel Jones will be the eulogist and Elder K.D. Woods the host pastor.

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  1. How long after the live airing of the memorial will it be on internet ustream? I will not be able to watch it live.

    • Veron Ashe was a homosexual that went by the name Julian in San Francisco. Our beloved Bishop died not of cancer but of AIDS. Where were you when he was suffering? This is why he got hooked on crack and got arrested. Because he was hiding a terrible secret that made him suffer. This talented man suffered because he was gay. His people hide the truth so they can capitalize on his talents. God forgive them for their greed and for hiding the truth about this great man’s struggle. The truth needs to be told for the rest of his soul. His anniversary is coming and it is a straight up sin to keep this lie in his name. Can we say we don’t love him and respect him still because of the sins of the flesh? God forgive those who stand in his name, hiding his secret in the name of the Lord. Goodness and Mercy will follow this man now and forever. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can judge this man.

        • I’ve had personal relationships with him for quite a while and can say that it’s all just plain BS! I wouldn’t be surprised if this rev geo is a gay himself and is looking for some ways to justify himself by blaming others in the things himself is guilty of. Veron and me we’ve had quite a few times spent one on one and if he’d have any perversion, I am sure it would reveal itself.

    • What he died from is not the point. Although I always known it to be colon cancer. As for his struggles… Well we all go through struggles in life. Some worse than others. The point is he was a great man of God and Gods people should have prayed and been there through his struggles no matter what it was. God forgives all. We should not judge someone just because they sin or we assume in our own mind that they did. We all fall short of the glory of God. But he always loves us. Bishop Ashe was here to deliver Gods message and he did it well. I will always listen to the message. Amen