Damita Haddon Shows Off Sparkling Engagement Ring From Fiancé Reuben Chandler


The happily engaged couple call themselves “Reumita”—a mash-up of the first names of Reuben Chandler and Damita Haddon, who clearly want the world to know they are blissfully in love.

The newly blonde former Mrs. Detrick Haddon writes out, “Thank you for supporting my fiancé Reuben and I on our journey of life and love together…We’ve been posting a lot of videos and it’s just been for your entertainment, for fun, for laughter.”

In one of their videos Damita flashes he engagement ring, take a look below.

Damita Haddon shows off her engagement ring from new fiance' Reuben Chandler

“We’re just excited about moving into our phase and our journey of love and life together,” said Haddon and asked everyone to “Keep us in prayer. Keep us uplifted.”


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